Welcome to TorchBot, a minecraft bot designed to be more powerful and to be able to accomplish anything

What It Does

TorchBot has tons of awesome built in features, but we believe that the real power lies in your ability to make it do what you want. The bot has a very powerful javascripted based plugin system that can work to do virtually anything imaginable


Why TorchBot

There are multiple reasons to chose TorchBot. Here are just a few:



TorchBot has a multitude of features, here are some key ones.
(Click on any of the pictures to bring up details about each one)

Awesome! Where can I get this?

There are two main areas where you can get TorchBot. The first place is the project's git, everything is open source so feel free to make commits too! The second place is the TorchBot build server, here you can download a copy of the latest build