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Title: [1.0][1.0] Waypoints - Set way points and teleport around!
Post by: woder on March 01, 2015, 10:22:57 pm
This plugin allows for players to teleport around after setting waypoints.
****NOTE**** This plugin only works if the bot has the ability to use the /tp command on the server you are on!!!

To install, download the waypoints.js file and place it in the TorchBot plugins directory. If the bot is running use !reload to reload the plugins.
That's it - that was easy.

Command list:

The permissions are all set to 0 so to allow someone to use all of these commands simply allow people to have the user level 0

All waypoints are saved in the waypoints.txt file and it can  be manually modified.
Please note I can not guarantee this will work on all servers - it was made to function on vanilla and SHOULD work on all other servers too but sometimes plugins change stuff.