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Pursuit in Blackjack

Started by lapa, January 22, 2020, 04:49:38 pm

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Pursuit in Blackjack
This strategy of playing blackjack is based on the fact that before the game starts, the player determines the size of the smallest and largest bet per hand. For example, his game Bank is $ 100. And the player decides that the minimum bet will be equal to 1 dollar, and the maximum - ten.

During the first hand, he bets the minimum amount. The size of the further bet depends on whether the game will be winning or losing. In a situation where a player wins, he puts the maximum bet, in our case, 10 dollars. And this rate will be as long as he does not lose.

After each losing bet, the minimum value is placed - in our case, it is 1 dollar.

The essence of the strategy is that during the white winning streak, the winnings will be large (10% of the pot per hand), but the black series of defeats will not bring a significant loss (only 1% per hand).

Although this strategy is considered by many professionals to be quite risky, it is often effective and effective.

This system can be easily modified in terms of intelligence. For example, if you win 4 times in a row, it is better not to bet on 5 consecutive times again 10 dollars, because the probability of winning is already very small. Or make another rule. After two consecutive wins, do not place a big bet. This is what each player chooses for himself, depending on his psychology and passion.


The most widespread game in the world is blackjack. This is the simplest and most ingenious in its simplicity and popularity. I know the principle of this game and I know that there are even blackjack tournaments both on the Internet and in casinos. I heard that the sums there are very large at stake, but I personally played this game in childhood in the basement for the soldiers and, as I recall, I even won.


Even a novice lover of excitement understands that every bet in a casino can fundamentally change everything. Original gambling for beginners and not only is a great storehouse of winnings. If the game is licensed, it must have a high return. And one of the highest percentage of returns among all casino entertainment has roulette in its classic form. You just need to know the rules of the game of roulette - and the result of success in the game will not be long in coming.


Splitting a hand in blackjack is a common practice for many players when they become owners of a hand that can be split. Splitting requires doubling the bet, since each newly created hand requires a different bet.
when to split in blackjack
Each variant of blackjack offers its own set of rules regarding the division of hands. In General, the possibility of splitting is only given at the very beginning after the initial distribution. For example, you can't take a card and then split your hand.


The advantage of cards plays the most significant role in blackjack. At the same time, the suit does not have significant significance precisely because it compares favorably with others, for example, poker. The following values are used:
having a picture from jack to king the value of 10 points;
an ace equals 1 or 11 points, which depends on the individual characteristics of the alignment, the value that is most beneficial for the participant is selected. A combination in which an ace is assigned a value of 1 point is called soft. If the ace is 11 - this is called a tough combination;
others - have a value from 2 to 9 in accordance with its face value.


The development of the Internet in the modern world has made a number of adjustments to the gambling industry and its development. However, this can be said of many other types of dryness. Many gambling fans who have previously spent time in land-based gambling establishments or other places of entertainment, switch to online games that are available everywhere and always. Therefore, it is not surprising that companies that focus on such customers receive huge profits.