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Card games - freecell

Started by dega, January 30, 2020, 04:25:49 pm

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Card games have long been a popular way to pass the time and enjoy communicating with other people during the game. One way to spend your leisure time with interest using playing cards is to fold solitaire. The peculiarity of solitaire is that it does not require multiple players, and anyone can have fun folding solitaire, alone, until it comes together. Here are a few common types of solitaire and ways to arrange them.
The first type of solitaire is called "Bayan", and its goal is to collect cards in one pile. To play solitaire, you need a deck of 52 cards. Place the cards in 6 horizontal rows, face down.
See which cards are next to each other. If there is a card of the same suit and value to the right of the card, put it on the left card. Thus, form stacks of cards by moving the remaining stacks to the left on the vacant holes of solitaire.
Another type of solitaire is called "Double two". Unlike the previous solitaire game, your goal here is to spread out the entire deck. Take four cards from the deck and put them face down in the line. If the cards have the same suit, cover them with two cards extracted from the deck. You must put the entire deck in solitaire.
To fold the Christmas Tree solitaire, you will need a deck of 52 cards. Lay out two "Christmas trees", each of which should have 16 cards. The goal of the game is to disassemble both Christmas trees, transferring all the cards from them to the General deck.
For each Christmas tree, deal one card from the deck. In the lower open cards of each Christmas tree, there must be cards less or more than one point than the cards dealt from the deck. If there are such cards, move them to the stack on the card that you pulled out of the deck. Continue to place cards from Christmas trees on the stack that differ in a greater or lesser direction by one point from the card lying on the stack.
A similar principle is at the heart of almost all solitaire games - they need to be laid out so that the solitaire converged, and the cards either converged into a common deck, or, conversely, the deck completely fell into the alignment.


Be that as it may, solitaire exists in the modern world and occupies a certain niche in the variety of logic games and puzzles. In ancient times, when people did not yet know paper, the role of cards was performed by stones with drawings carved on them. Nowadays, as you know, paper or plastic cards are used to play solitaire. There are also special solitaire cards to play solitaire, but most often they are used for fortune telling.


The main task of playing in the "spider" variety of solitaire games is to restore the hierarchical order of the cards in the deck, as in just printed from the factory packaging. Each suit must be collected separately and sorted by face value in the following order. A lady is placed on the king, a jack on her, then a dozen, and so on to a deuce.


Solitaire can safely be called one of the oldest and most popular card games. Therefore, it is not surprising that this game was one of the first to be able to find its computer version. Today, computer solitaire is familiar to most computer users who, with pauses between work, play cards with pleasure.


The way to play Magic Solitaire will resemble  Solitaire and Three Peaks. You simply lay out your cards in ascending or descending order! Only the layout of the magic cards changes with each level, which requires different strategic approaches. The Joker card replaces any value, which helps to change the course of the game and get the game out of the deadlock. An important point: the longer the sequence of cards, built without reference to the stock deck, the higher the probability of picking up a bonus.


Features of making moves in a freecell
Active, that is, available for transfer, are the lower cards in the columns. Any of them can be moved to empty cells and to the place of completely disassembled stacks. Between columns, the transfer is made according to the main rule: the lowest card is placed on the highest card of the opposite color.

In the" House " cards are placed strictly in compliance with the suit. Others can't even be put there temporarily.

It is also possible to move "chains" between the columns, collected in a descending sequence and alternating colors "red-black". For example, a bundle of "10 Spades - 9 Hearts-8 Clubs -- 7 Diamonds" can be placed on a Jack of Hearts or a Jack of diamonds.

You can also transfer part of the combination. However, there is a limitation.